How Fashion Kits Promote Creativity and Self-Expression

Help your child find their unique style — and voice! — with these unique Klutz kits.
Aug 17, 2020



How Fashion Kits Promote Creativity and Self-Expression

Aug 17, 2020

Your child may express themselves in a number of ways, whether it be through the spoken or written word, music, or art. Crafts that incorporate a style element can be a particularly powerful opportunity for kids to stretch their creativity – and then share it with the world!

That’s why we love Klutz nail and fashion kits, each of which give kids plenty of opportunities for self-expression, an important part of development. What’s more, each Klutz activity kit comes with a full book of instructions to support literacy growth and their creative journey. 


In particular, these four kits will help your child discover the styles, colors, designs, and shapes they personally love, and that make them spectacularly unique: 

Klutz: Velvet Animal Studio: With this one-of-a-kind kit, your child will be able to paint, add fur, and snuggle up with incredible fuzzy nail designs! The included book teaches kids how to create 12 designs, including a teddy bear, leopard print, and a bunny for a cuddly cute manicure. 

Have a child who loves painting nails? Check out these kits, too: 

Klutz: Make & Style Headbands: Your child will be able to find a style to match any mood they’re in with this creative craft! They can use the included headbands as a base to craft five projects right out of the box, including beaded cat ears and a flower crown. 

Klutz: Make Your Own Glaze Craze Charms: Kids can make 27 custom-shaped charms with a gorgeous resin-looking finish to show off their personal flair with this kit! From butterflies to lightning strikes, this is the perfect way to encourage your child to express themselves in any way they dream up. 

Klutz Jr.: My Mix & Match Necklaces: For the younger crafters in your life, this kit sparks creativity through cute, colorful, and utterly charming necklaces. Kids can make five necklaces chock-full of mix-and-match materials featuring adorable felt characters or themes like sweets and rainbows! 


Fill your family’s afternoons with self-expression through these kits that keep kids entertained, creating, and learning for hours! You can find all Klutz kits at The Scholastic Store.

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