Making the First School Bus Ride Easier

How to get your child ready for their first bus ride without you.
By Jennifer Geddes



Making the First School Bus Ride Easier

  1. Do a Dry Run Your kiddo has known the words to “Wheels on the Bus” for years, but riding in one can be nerve-wracking. Find out if the school gives tours so your child can get a peek inside a parked school bus. If not, hop in the car and ride the route a few times.
  2. Pair Her Up Having a bus buddy can instantly soothe anxiety. Ask a neighborhood kid or an older sib to hang with her till she makes her own pals.
  3. Arrive Early It’s no fun racing to the bus in a panic, so shoot to get to the stop about five minutes early. On the walk over, remind your child to stay seated, keep her arms inside the windows, and hold her backpack in her lap.
  4. Meet the Driver Before he boards, step inside to introduce yourself. The safer your child feels around the bus driver, the more likely he’ll speak up when there’s a problem. 
  5. Read All About It Keep books like Molly Rides the School Bus by Julie Brillhart and The Little School Bus by Carol Roth in your regular rotation until she looks forward to the ride as much as school!

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