The Relatable Books in the No, David! Series

Mischief, manners, praise, and unconditional love are all covered in this delightful series of picture and board books.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Sep 08, 2022



The Relatable Books in the No, David! Series

Sep 08, 2022

Young readers will delight in following along with David’s wild antics, which more often than not land him in hot water in the No, David series! But more importantly, your child can learn valuable lessons about appropriate behavior and the importance of controlling emotions, following directions, and sharing with others.

In the original No, David!, mischievous David is up to no good — from sneaking cookies from the cookie jar to creating a big mess in the bathroom. Children will relate to David’s plight, and take comfort in the fact that despite the occasional reprimanding, they are loved unconditionally. 

Texas-based parent Siomara Arevalo, a consultant for Scholastic Book Fairs, says her daughter Sofia can see herself in the books. "She likes books she can relate to, and she says she can relate to David,” Siomara says. “She says she’s always hearing, ‘No, Sofia.’ Ha!”

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