Parent Guide to Book Genres: Fantasy

Share enriching books that celebrate the power of imagination with your child.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Feb 07, 2023



Parent Guide to Book Genres: Fantasy

Feb 07, 2023

Fantasy is a genre filled with limitless possibilities. From Harry Potter to Percy Jackson and beyond, fantasy books and series encourage your child's imagination and broaden their horizons. 

When reading fantasy, your child has a chance to escape the humdrum of everyday life and explore different worlds. Lines of reality then become blurred, which often procure questions about reality. This in turn can also lead them to explore other topics, like natural science, physical science, space, history, and more. 

And fantasy books are beloved — a good thing if you're looking to encourage your child to read book after book. For example, popular book series like Harry Potter and Wings of Fire have sold millions of copies worldwide, with fans coming back to their favorites time and time again. 

Fantasy also inspires creativity in children. From monsters and creatures like dragons, fairies, unicorns, and mermaids to larger-than-life situations, this genre gives readers of all ages a window to their own colorful and imaginative powers. The sky is the limit! 

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