Unicorn Books That Add Sparkle to Summer

When it comes to enchanting kids with reading, these tales don't horse around.
Jun 28, 2021



Unicorn Books That Add Sparkle to Summer

Jun 28, 2021

Everyone loves unicorns (whether you're a child or adult!), and for good reason. Magical, majestic, and full of adventure, these mythical creatures capture imaginations and inspire creativity. In fact, unicorns have fascinated people for hundreds of years — even kings and queens loved them long ago!

That is why these fun, adventurous books about unicorns are sure to become family favorites. Whether they’re grumpy, exploring the sea, or just letting their personalities sparkle, the unicorns in these endearing stories will have your young reader captivated with books.

Shop the best books about unicorns below! You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store.

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