The Best Books About Confidence for Kids

These must-have picture books and read-alouds will help kids learn to believe in themselves and build their self-esteem!

Aug 18, 2022



The Best Books About Confidence for Kids

Aug 18, 2022

It’s important for kids to build their confidence and have a positive self-image from a young age so they can have the courage to have new experiences and explore the world around them. Children’s books about confidence are a great way to introduce young readers to inspiring stories and encourage a growth mindset.

Although kids can be bombarded with many social pressures and opinions of others that can challenge their self-worth, relatable characters from books will help your child feel proud, find joy, and focus on the things that really matter. 

These books about confidence for kids offer opportunities to read aloud and discuss the power of self-worth while boosting their social-emotional skills. 

Teaching Children to Have a Can-Do Attitude 

Teaching children of any age how to be confident is not an easy task, but empowering books teach the importance of having a high self-esteem. Princess Truly #5: I Am Brave! is part of Scholastic’s Acorn line of early reader books that explores what it means to love yourself and be confident. Princess Truly and her brother learn to be brave as they explore a cave while camping. In turn, they feel confident to handle challenging situations. 

Building Self-Confidence Through Trying New Things

Whether your child is nervous about starting school or making new friends, the picture book The Little Butterfly That Could is a great story about how to tackle fears and keep moving forward. The little butterfly gets lost from his friends as they migrate 200 miles. The encouraging whale advises the little butterfly to persevere and believe in himself. Eventually, the little butterfly reaches his goal and feels confident to try new things. 

Improving Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance

Sofia Sanchez’s You Are Enough is an inclusive and empowering book about how to embrace your differences and celebrate who you are. This beautifully illustrated picture book has a universal message about staying true to yourself and knowing that you’re enough just as you are. The book helps kids feel confident to express themselves in their own way and to spread this powerful message to other children. 

Overall, reading books about confidence for kids with your child can help create a safe space for your child to explore their feelings. It also allows you to share positive affirmations to help them gain more confidence.

Mistakes, friend trouble, being left out of fun experiences by other kids — these are all things a child has to navigate. Confident kids are able to tackle all sorts of challenges, from starting at a new school to having hope in challenging times.  

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