The Most Popular Books for Kids to Read for Fun

Instill the joy of reading for pleasure with these series growing readers can’t put down.
Feb 11, 2021



The Most Popular Books for Kids to Read for Fun

Feb 11, 2021

Books to read for fun like those in the Dog Man or Owl Diaries series fly off shelves — and your growing reader will fly through them, too! These fun books for kids are characterized by engaging, relatable, and action-packed plots, and will make reading for pleasure a lifelong habit for your child. 

Your child may already have fantastic award-winning picture books or classic novels on their shelf, but it’s equally important for them to have just-for-fun books that they turn to over and over again when they’re looking for something to do at home. 

Six out of 10 kids report that they love or like reading books for fun a lot, and 50 percent say that reading books for fun is extremely or very important, per the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report. However, as kids grow up, their reading frequency and enjoyment tends to decline, underscoring the importance of filling their shelves with books to read for fun now. 

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