Harry Potter: The Most Magical Adventure of All Time

Share the beloved and wildly popular Harry Potter series with your child! Here are the classics you love — plus bonus wizarding books you might not know about.
Jul 31, 2019



harry potter books

Jul 31, 2019

J.K. Rowling's bestselling Harry Potter series broke records and prompted bookstores to hold midnight release parties. The epic story of Harry Potter — the boy who lived — is told in the seven-book series, featuring quests, competitive Quidditch games, and some of the most amazing world-building of any fantasy series. 

You probably have the book titles in the series memorized (you can round out your collection with each one below), but did you know there's another world of Harry Potter books beyond the original novels? Here are the classics, plus the illustrated versions, activities, and spin-offs that will captivate you and your child all over again. 

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