20+ Engaging Books for Your Advanced Reader

Keep your avid reader excited about books with captivating titles perfect for their age.
By Scholastic Parents Staff
Feb 19, 2021



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Feb 19, 2021

When you have a child who flies through books, keeping them reading with titles they love and find engaging can be a challenge — but it’s essential for helping them maintain their love of books.

While advanced readers may be skilled in decoding and comprehending texts well above their grade level, not all books that provide a reading challenge are appropriate for an advanced reader's age. Certain titles might be too scary or confronting for a young reader, whereas others may deal with themes that are too mature for a child’s current emotional and social level.

For advanced readers ages 6 to 7, look for early chapter books with short chapters and large font sizes, such as Geronimo Stilton: Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye and Ranger in Time: Disaster on the Titanic. These books are great stepping stones for lengthier titles as your child continues to build their reading skills.

For advanced readers ages 8 to 10, opt for contemporary fiction titles that explore themes they can relate to, such as the complexities of school friendships. Two captivating examples include A Drop of Hope and Restart

As for advanced readers ages 11 to 13, the exciting genre of science fiction is an ideal way to expand their interests. Gamer Army or Last of Her Name are two thrilling choices that keep readers intrigued from start to finish.

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Advanced Readers Ages 6 to 7

Advanced Readers Ages 8 to 10

Advanced Readers Ages 11 to 13

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