The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Ages 8-10

Keep kids reading all summer long with riveting fiction and nonfiction books.

Jul 25, 2023



The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Ages 8-10

Jul 25, 2023

There are endless ways to have summer fun, but with the right books, reading will be one of your child's go-to activities during these more relaxed months.

Maintaining a voracious appetite for reading is especially important for kids ages 8 to 10. According to the 7th edition of the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report, the number of kids who read for fun five to seven days per week drops from 57 percent to 35 percent between ages 8 and 9.

Help your child pick out books that let them explore a wide range of genres, as well as page-turning series books that'll set them on a reading marathon. Popular series, like Diary of a PugMiles Morales, and Goosebumps, are a great way to keep your growing reader engaged and help them build key reading comprehension skills

If your child is interested in books about friendship and zany adventures, check out It's The End of the World & I'm In My Bathing Suit, the hilarious story about 12-year-old Eddie who must join his friends from the neighborhood — who were all in the middle of really inconvenient times when the power goes out, like getting a haircut — to find out what caused the blackout. But when they discover they may be the only people left in the whole world, they'll have to figure out a way to bring everyone back.

There’s also the relatable Four Eyes, where readers meet sixth-grader Rex who is just trying to get through middle school and fit in. But when his parents get him the ugliest pair of glasses in the store, Rex must figure out how to find his own place in all the chaos of growing up — and learn to accept himself just as he is.   

Shop our editors' top summer books picks for ages 8 to 10 below! You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store.

For more books for ages 8 to 10, check out The Bad Guys series and Who Would Win? book series. Keep your child reading over the summer with expert tips and book recommendations with our summer reading guide. Plus, look ahead with a middle school reading list.

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