Help Your Kids Make an Effortless Leap to the Next Grade!

Doing this for just a few minutes each day can help sharpen their academic skills for the year ahead.
By Monique Melendez
May 17, 2019



Help Your Kids Make an Effortless Leap to the Next Grade!

May 17, 2019

Summer break is a sun-drenched flurry of activity: With all the barbecues, family vacations, and camping trips, it can be difficult to think about anything “academic.” But before we know it, the first day of school will be here — and kids will walk into class either fully prepared for the year ahead, or rusty on their multiplication and essay-writing skills. (Studies on the summer slide show that, during the summer months, kids can lose up to 20% of reading gains and 27% of math gains they made during the school year.)  

One way to help keep kids’ school game strong during the summer is the Weekly Reader: Summer Express activity book collection, because it boils down what your child needs to know for his grade in terms of reading, writing, and math into 10 weeks of totally do-able exercises. The collection includes workbooks for up to fifth grade, allowing kids to either review the previous year's materials or ladder up to the next. Plus, the colorful, magazine-inspired books and (for real) fun exercises help show them that this is just another cool seasonal activity, not summer homework. 

Each of the 10 weekly sections is divided into five days with two activities, one math activity and one language arts or reading activity. That means they can easily be snuck in on the busiest of summer afternoons or during vacation. (We like to bring them along as boredom busters on plane rides and road trips!) 

“They're not dry kill-and-drill pages,” says Marci McLarty, the director of eCommerce Marketing at Scholastic. “I bring these home for my kids, and even my most reluctant one is like, ‘Oh, this is fun!’”

Each Weekly Reader: Summer Express workbook covers content from two grade levels based on nationwide Common Core standards. (Quick reminder: The Common Core is a set of state standards outlining what kids should know in each grade.) Here are some of the concepts kids practice in each: 

Grades PreK and K: fundamental skills associated with the alphabet, phonics, counting, numbers, and handwriting.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade: math, reading, and writing skills, plus vocabulary and phonics

Grades 1 and 2: word problems, grammar and spelling, and telling time

Grades 2 and 3: adding and subtracting three-digit numbers, identifying nouns and verbs, and writing complex sentences

Grades 3 and 4 and Grades 4 and 5: math, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar practice necessary to continue making great academic strides in the upper grades 

We love that these activity books cover a wide range of subjects — so you’re not lugging around one workbook for math, another for reading, and a third one for writing or grammar. By diving into just one, your young learner will have something fun to tackle during the summer months and a headstart on rocking her next school year with confidence (prepare to see glowing grades!). We’d call that a parenting win-win.

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