Summer Camp Stories Your Child Will Savor

Whether your grade-schooler is going away or camping in the backyard, these tales will inspire them.
May 09, 2022



Summer Camp Stories Your Child Will Savor

May 09, 2022

Whether your child is heading to summer camp, going on a family trip to a campground, becoming a responsible camp couselor, or just pitching a tent out in the backyard, the camping experience is a very rewarding, fun part of summer. Between making new friends, going on new adventures, and having a blast trying new activities in nature, your child will be making long-lasting summer memories. 

One of the best ways to prepare them for all of that excitement is through their favorite books! With relatable characters in similar circumstances, your child will love relaxing with these engaging titles all about camping. Filled with humor and memorable plots, like the hilarious Absolutely Nat and the intriguing Brain Camp, these books will have your child captivated all summer long. 

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