The Best Book Sets for Summer Reading

These engaging options will help your child advance the skills they've learned so far throughout the summer.
May 19, 2020



The Best Book Sets for Summer Reading

May 19, 2020

A great book set help kids build upon the reading skills they’ve learned this year — and feel more confident in those skills. Book sets are particularly effective over the summer, when it's important for kids to keep reading, learning and growing. 

“After reading one book on a topic, young readers feel more comfortable reaching for the next, because they’ve built knowledge on the topic and key vocabulary,” says Karen Baicker, the publisher for Family and Community Engagement (FACE) at Scholastic. “Books that seemed out of grasp before quickly become more interesting and less daunting.”

These book sets are known to engage kids, teach new vocabulary, and turn even the most reluctant readers into avid book lovers. They range from early reader books that help kids make the transition from picture books to chapter books, to more complex books that help older kids advance their established reading skills.  

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Another great way to get your child hooked on summer reading is by joining your school's Scholastic Summer Read-a-Palooza Virtual Book Fair. Your school will get 25% back in rewards, and kids can track their reading progress and sharpen their skills all summer long. 

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