10+ Social-Emotional Books About Kindness Every Kindergartener Should Read

Empathy and kindness go a long way — and these books can help your kids understand the importance of good character traits.

Jan 08, 2024



10+ Social-Emotional Books About Kindness Every Kindergartener Should Read

Jan 08, 2024

An act of kindness spreads like rapid fire and makes both the giver and recipient feel good. The ability to understand other people’s emotions is a key developmental skill that your child will need to practice building.

Social-emotional books are a great way to help them get started! Scholastic Editors curated this book list specifically to help kindergarteners learn the important skills of active listening, sharing acts of kindness, and imagining how others feel. 

For instance, How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind? is a ryhming book that teaches kids the value in helping others and spreading kindness and positivity. Packed with charming illustrations, heartfelt humor, and memorable examples of kindness, this fun read will help your little one learn how to become more compassionate and empathetic. 

Plus, check out these curated resources to help families, educators, and students of all ages address mental health challenges. 

Meanwhile, Peppa Is Kind is an adorable storybook about the many kind things Peppa does for others. From spending quality time with her family to sharing toys with her friends, this sweet picture book will show your child what it means to care for others and encourage acts of kindness in their own lives. 

This book list will not only inspire your child to read expert-approved books, but it will also teach them how to be more kind and empathetic to themselves and others. It can be a big task to help your child learn social-emotional skills, but these books will help on that journey.

For more reading, check out the loveliest books about friendship along with books about manners for preschoolers. You might also spark more conversations with this guide to talking to your child about empathy — an essential first step in kids understanding others, helping them in times of need, and creating lasting connections. Find more expert-approved kindergarten books, tips, and resources in our guide to getting ready for kindergarten.

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