Children’s Books About Dentists, Losing Teeth, and Dental Hygiene

Help your child understand how to keep their teeth sparkling clean — and ease their jitters about losing teeth or getting braces! — with these relatable reads.

Feb 09, 2021



Children’s Books About Dentists, Losing Teeth, and Dental Hygiene

Feb 09, 2021

One of the many rites of passage no one prepares a parent for: teaching their child the importance of dental care! It’s not always easy to explain cavities to a two-year-old who is refusing to brush their teeth, or telling a kindergartener that, yes, they really must sit still while the dentist pokes around with a metal tool.  

Even the bravest kid can get a bit unnerved when they start losing baby teeth — and middle graders can feel anxious at the thought of braces.

Books play a paramount role in teaching kids about teeth by introducing them to characters who are going through similar events as them. Reading about those experiences help to shape their own daily dental hygiene habits and feelings about events like losing teeth or going to the dentist. 

Your child may also be learning about teeth through books at school right now because February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

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