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Must-Reads for Fans of The Hunger Games

Fans of The Hunger Games book will love these read-alikes.
Cover image for Mockingjay
Series: The Hunger Games, Book #3
by Suzanne Collins

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she”s made it out of the bloody arena alive, she”s still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss.

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Cover image for The Scorpio Races
The Scorpio Races
by Maggie Stiefvater

2012 Michael L. Printz Honor Book

Some race to win. Others race to survive.

It happens at the start of every November: the Scorpio Races. Riders attempt to keep hold of their water horses long enough to make it to the finish line.

Some riders live.

Others die.

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Cover image for The Summer Prince
The Summer Prince
by Alaya Dawn Johnson
A heart-stopping story of love, death, technology, and art set amid the tropics of a futuristic Brazil.
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Cover image for The Bar Code Prophecy
The Bar Code Prophecy
Series: The Bar Code Trilogy, Book #3
by Suzanne Weyn

The third book in the Bar Code series, in which one girl struggles to escape the conformity of a dystopian world.

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Cover image for The Eleventh Plague
The Eleventh Plague
by Jeff Hirsch

In an America devastated by war and plague, the only way to survive is to keep moving.

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Cover image for Ashes, Ashes
Ashes, Ashes
by Jo Treggiari

In a future Manhattan devastated by environmental catastrophes and epidemics, 16-year-old Lucy survives alone until vicious hounds target her and force her to join Aidan and his band, but soon they learn that she is the target of Sweepers, who kidnap and infect people with plague.

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Cover image for Fever Crumb
Fever Crumb
Series: Fever Crumb, Book #1
by Philip Reeve
A stunning novel by master storyteller Philip Reeve.
Fever Crumb is a girl who has been adopted and raised by Dr. Crumb, a member of the Order of Engineers, where she serves as apprentice. Soon though, she must say good-bye to Dr.
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Cover image for Tomorrow, When the War Began
Tomorrow, When the War Began
Series: Tomorrow, Book #1
by John Marsden

When Ellie and her friends go camping, they have no idea they're leaving their old lives behind forever. Despite a less-than-tragic food shortage and a secret crush or two, everything goes as planned. But a week later, they return home to find their houses empty and their pets starving.

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Cover image for Empty
by Suzanne Weyn

It's the near future — the very near future — and the fossil fuels are running out. No gas. No oil. Which means no driving. No heat. Supermarkets are empty. Malls have shut down. Life has just become more local than we ever knew it could be.

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Cover image for Rootless
by Chris Howard

A dazzling eco-thriller set in a terrifying world with some chilling similarities to our own...

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Cover image for Above
by Leah Bobet
Matthew has always lived in Safe, a community hidden far beneath the pipes and tunnels of the city Above.
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