Share Your Thoughts: Foster a Love of Learning

We asked how you inspire learning throughout the school year. Here&s what you had to say.
Nov 06, 2012



Compiled by Lynne Ticknor, M.A.


I'm a painter, and we do projects outside on the driveway, we paint, and we perform "experiments" using stuff around the house. It's a creative way to foster imaginative and creative thinking.
Jennifer K., Colorado Springs, CO 
Michael (age 12) and Brianna (age 4)


Our son is all about fine motor activities, so we let him play the remote to the TV, use our laptops, play with the cell phone and pager, use pens and pencils, and get food from the refrigerator — all under our supervision, of course. He learns best by exploring things.
Lisa C., Petaluma, CA
Peter (age 3)

My mother, a teacher, once told me the most important thing is love — everything else comes from that. I remembered her words when Georgia entered nursery school and she had a hard time separating. For her to feel comfortable and secure enough to enjoy and learn in a new environment, she had to feel loved.
Karen M., Sierra Madre, CA
Georgia (age 6)


Some of my most teachable, pleasant moments are in the car. There are always interesting things going on to talk about. We play I Spy, discuss the motorcycle next to us, play "how many miles to the store," and work out crossword puzzle clues.
Denise B., Colorado Springs, CO
Noah (age 6), Elissa (age 4), and Elayna (age 2)


My late father used to tell my girls that they could do anything — and we remind them of that all the time.
Heather A., Pawtucket, RI 
Hope (age 5) and Grace (age 3)


I provide my children with new and different experiences. We go on day trips, take swimming classes, play in different play groups, and participate in different activities (drawing, painting, working with play dough) each day.
Nichole W., Cazenovia, NY
Mercedes (age 2) and Faith (11 months)


I read to my daughters daily. I take them to storytime at our library, where they look at books and do other fun activities that teach them new things. I also read my own magazines and books in front of them, which shows that I love to read, too!
Danelle E., Middleburg Heights, OH
Payton (age 3) and Audrey (age 11 months)


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