Get Involved!

Find five ways to participate in your child&s preschool program and learn why you should.
Nov 28, 2012



Get Involved!

Nov 28, 2012

Preschool teachers should welcome your interest and encourage you to participate in your child’s program in a variety of ways. In addition to talking with teachers frequently about your child, here are few ways to get involved that will help create a meaningful parent-teacher relationship:

  • Volunteer in the classroom.
    Moms and dads (and other family members) who assist in preschools have the pleasure of seeing firsthand all the fun, growing, and learning that goes on.
  • Share a special skill or family tradition.
    Perhaps you can play an instrument, make toys from wood, or do a special kind of weaving. Or maybe you just love reading stories to an appreciative audience. When you share yourself and your family, everyone's preschool experience will be enriched.
  • Keep a notebook.
    Take notes on your child's development and record special anecdotes the way teachers often do. Share your notes with your child's teacher informally and during parent-teacher conferences. Your notebook will help you see your preschooler's many accomplishments throughout the year!
  • Try a new way of recycling.
    Teachers can almost always use discarded material such as plastic containers, spools, paper-towel tubes, old greeting cards, wrapping paper, dress-up clothes, and even used small appliances.
  • Stay in touch.
    Check in with your child's teacher often to find out what she needs.

In addition to these suggestions, many preschools want or even require parents to participate in occasional cleanup days, to serve on advisory boards, and so on. Whatever ways you choose, try to make time to get involved.

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