Reading and Writing Over the Holidays

Have fun learning while you celebrate and prepare for the holidays this year.
By Bekki Lindner
Dec 08, 2017



Reading and Writing Over the Holidays

Dec 08, 2017

Editor's note: This post was originally published on December 14, 2014.

The holiday season is typically a whirlwind of excitement for kids. The lights, the holiday food, and the hope for new toys (or books!!) make this time of year full of joy and anticipation.

It's also the PERFECT time of year to sneak in some reading and writing practice. The kids may be home from school on winter break. The house may be abuzz with holiday cheer. Even with holiday excitement and a break from the classroom, your child will have so many opportunities for learning.

When you incorporate literacy tasks into your daily life and celebrations, you seize teachable moments and create children who will grow into literate adults. Reading and writing are everywhere, and this holiday season, they can be FUN for your children! Here are a handful of ways your child can practice reading and writing during the holidays.

1.    Write a letter to Santa if your family celebrates Christmas.
2.    Write the "To" and "From" tags for holiday gifts.
3.    Write a list of the things they are most thankful for.
4.    Make holiday cards for friends and family.
5.    Make place cards for your family meal.
6.    Make a holiday wish list.

1.    Share a new holiday book together.
2.    Have your child read the recipe to you as you prepare a holiday treat or meal together.
3.    Have your child research online/in the paper where the best local light displays are.
4.    Allow your child to read the tags on the presents and then distribute them.
5.    Print out directions for a thematic holiday craft, and have your child read them as you work to complete the craft together.
6.    Find a holiday songbook or print out the lyrics to several favorite carols. Whether you go caroling or simply sing together at home, allow your child to read and sing the words.

Have fun learning while you celebrate and prepare for the holidays this year. I wish you the warmest holiday season and the happiest New Year.

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