10 Beautiful Books That Show Kids How to Be Grateful

Gratitude gives kids an entirely new outlook on life, and with the right books, teaching it comes naturally.
Oct 18, 2019



10 Beautiful Books That Show Kids How to Be Grateful

Oct 18, 2019

Gratitude: It's something that's talked about a lot around Thanksgiving, but a growing amount of research shows that it can also benefit your (and your child's!) well-being every day of the year. In fact, gratitude has been linked to improved school life, physical and psychological health, sleep, and even resilience. That being said, gratitude typically isn't second-nature to kids. Instead, it's something that must be taught — and once it is, it can truly shape their lives for the better. 

Here are the best books for teaching your kids the importance of gratitude, saying thank you, and recognizing the abundance in their lives at this very moment. To explore more remarkable picture books, visit The Scholastic Store

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Best Books About Gratitude

Life Experiences & Values
Age 8
Age 7
Age 6
Age 5
Age 4
Age 3
Helping Others
Gratitude and Thanks
Kindness and Compassion