4 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for the Summer Reading Challenge

See why it's so important to encourage reading all summer long.
By Bekki Lindner
May 15, 2016



4 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for the Summer Reading Challenge

May 15, 2016

Parents hear a lot about summer reading, but have you ever wondered if your child really needs it? While it may be tempting to allow your child to “take the summer off,” it’s SO important to encourage and support daily reading. Even 20 minutes of reading a day can make a big difference!

Superstar author Dav Pilkey (a big favorite at our house!) has teamed up with Scholastic to get kids excited about summer reading. Dav and Scholastic both know that reading is not only essential for preventing the dreaded “summer slide” — it also gives kids superpowers! Head over to the Scholastic Reading Challenge site, share the Dav Pilkey video about reading with your child, and sign her up for this year’s reading challenge!

While your child is racking up reading minutes this summer, here are four “superpowers” she can attain through the magic of reading.

1. Reading Transports You

When you open the pages of a book, you can instantly be playing Quidditch with Harry Potter or fighting mutant mosquitoes from Mercury with Ricky Ricotta. When children find a story they love, they are whisked away on an adventure — transported to a new time or place. Reading can take your child to places they’ve never been, and allow them to beat summer boredom. Whether your child is inventing the lightbulb alongside Thomas Edison, learning about coral reefs, or taking on the Rebel Army, he's in for an experience like no other. Kids need to know that unplugged adventures exist, and that reading can take your child just about anywhere!

2. Reading Improves Your Reading!

Twenty minutes of reading per day increases reading ability by up to 40 percent!!! The greatest reading gains are made when your child selects his own reading material. Does she love cookbooks? Great! Automotive manuals? Terrific! Graphic novels? Sure! Let your child choose what they love.

If you’d like some awesome suggestions, Scholastic has come up with a fantastic summer reading list, broken down by age/grade level. Find the list that works with your child’s reading level and let her select a few titles that sound appealing! Maybe she’ll find a new favorite or sink into a series. Whatever she's reading, with consistent practice, her reading skills will improve!

3. Reading Defeats the Villain “Summer Slide”

Kids can lose two to three months worth of academic progress over the summer months. Reading can help keep your child on track — avoiding the need to “catch-up” in the fall. Don’t let your child lose valuable progress. Visit the library. Provide opportunities to select varied reading material. Get your kids excited about logging minutes on the SRC site so they can earn awesome virtual prizes! A book in your child’s hand is the BEST defense for summer slide.

4. Reading Gives You New Ideas

As I was talking with my fourth grader, she told me, “Reading makes me wonder about things. I wonder if what I’m reading could happen to me or if I could do what the characters can do.” Reading has a way of sparking imagination and creativity like nothing else.

Traveling through time and space, gaining brain power, defeating learning loss, and expanding your imagination sound like pretty terrific superpowers to me! Help your child be a reading superhero this summer!

The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge has already begun — so head on over to the registration page and get your kids signed up! How many books will they read? What will they learn? What will they discover? How many virtual prizes will they earn? Here’s to summer reading adventures!

You can find a few of my tips to increase summer reading HERE. Happy reading!

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