10 Summer Activities Inspired by Nature

These projects bring the fascination of the outdoors inside – and celebrate the animals, plants, and rocks your child loves.
May 28, 2020



10 Summer Activities Inspired by Nature

May 28, 2020

What could be more wondrous for kids — or anyone — than nature? It’s full of vibrant flowers, glittering crystals, and remarkable animals. Tap into your child’s fascination with these nature-inspired Klutz activities that bring the wonders of the outside world into your living room. 

These activities will spark your child’s imagination, while sharpening their curiosity and scientific knowledge. Kids can practice STEAM skills like following instructions, making observations, and performing simple experiments. Take Klutz: Maker Lab: Rocks, Gems & Geodes: First, it steers your child through the process of building their own geodes. Then, your child can use the stones included in the kit — along with any intriguing specimens found in the yard or park — to answer simple, science-focused questions (think: Will this stone sink or float?). 

The wonders of the outdoor world can also inspire creativity. Plant lovers can create paper flowers of their own using Klutz: Fabulous Flowers. The colorful, glittery results are ideal for a vase of their own, or a gift for friends and family! With Grow Your Own Crystal Narwhal, your child can use pipe cleaners to craft a model of the incredible animal, then grow crystals for an iridescent touch. 

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