4 Easy Halloween Ideas Using Klutz Jr. Activity Kits

Make spooky fun hassle-free this year with these simple but creative ideas for ages 4+.
Oct 15, 2020



4 Easy Halloween Ideas Using Klutz Jr. Activity Kits

Oct 15, 2020

Evoking all the fun of the Halloween season doesn’t have to be complicated! Use Klutz Jr. activity kits to easily make adorable costumes and crafts this spooky season. 

Klutz Jr. kits come with books designed to boost your child’s reading comprehension, and the included crafts are ideal for advancing skills like following directions, fine motor skills, shape and color recognition, and much more. 

Try these four at-home Halloween activities to raise spirits this season! You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store

DIY Halloween Headbands

Headbands are one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to pull off a costume. To create your own at home, you and your little ones can use the Klutz Jr.: My Fun & Fuzzy Headband Salon, which comes with all the materials for three stunning DIY headbands! 

The instruction booklets (called idea books) help build early reading skills. They feature helpful illustrations and entertaining tidbits kids love repeating later. Think jokes (“What do unicorns call their dads? Pop corn!”) and fun facts (“Cats snooze for 13 to 14 hours a day.”). 

To polish off the costumes, use one of the many designs from the Klutz: Face Painting kit, which comes with all of the paint and supplies you need, plus clear instructions and simple ideas to encourage beginner face painters. For extra sparkle, try Klutz: Glitter Face Painting!


DIY Superhero Costumes

Kids love sporting costumes they create from their own imagination, and nothing stirs big ideas like superhero getups. The Klutz Jr. My Superhero Starter Kit comes with everything your little one needs to make their very own superhero cape, mask, belt, and power cuffs. 

Kids ages 4 and up can use the included foam tape to stick punch-outs (no scissors required!) of lightning bolts, tacos, stars, and many other icons to the superhero accessories in the kit. 

They can take inspiration from superheroes they already admire, or create their own unique character. The activity kit supplies and instructions are designed to be simple for easy Halloween fun!


Spooky Pumpkin Craft 

This pumpkin egg carton craft is simple, fun, and will teach your child invaluable skills like following directions and recognizing colors and shapes. 

We recommend using the 12 egg carton cups from the Klutz Jr.: My Egg Carton Animals kit, because they’re so easy to work with (no cutting needed, just tear them apart!) — and the kit comes with paint, googly eyes, and more!




1. Set out the egg carton cups from the Klutz Jr.: My Egg Carton Animals kit. They have a nice round shape, perfect for pumpkins!

2. Grown-ups only: Punch a small hole in the top of half of the egg carton pieces with a small scissors’ blade. It should be sized so that a pipe cleaner can fit snugly in place. If the hole ends up being too large, you can add a little glue to help the pipe cleaner stick in Step 6. 

3. Paint all of the cups orange and allow to dry.

4. Glue together two of the cups, one with a hole and one without, to make a pumpkin. Hold together until the glue sets, then set aside to dry completely. Repeat until you've used all of the cups. 

5. Grown-ups only: Cut the pipe cleaners into 1” to 4” pieces, depending on how long you would like the stems to be.

6. Insert each pipe cleaner into the hole on top of each pumpkin.

7. Using the black paint, add a jack-o-lantern face to each pumpkin and allow to dry.

Halloween Creatures Craft

The Klutz Jr.: My Fantastic Foam kit comes with pre-cut foam pieces and fun ideas for creating everyday characters, plus spooky ones like monsters, spiders, and more.  

Here are three easy ways this kit can double as an easy Halloween craft that lets little ones express their creativity! 


Eensy Weensy Spider: Have your child lay out the design using the pre-cut foam shapes you see above (a red circle for the body, black strips for the legs, etc.). Then, help your little one stick the foam pieces together on a blank piece of paper using the kit’s included glue, and encourage your child to draw a web around the spider! 

Don’t forget the two little dots for the spider’s cheeks — a little blush helps make even creepy crawly creatures look more cute than scary.


Mrs. Monster: Who says monsters have to be dark and dreary? Encourage your little one to look for foam pieces in a specific color theme — like yellow, pink, and aqua. Then, your child can glue them together to create a smiley friend.

Adding a heart to the monster’s hand will show your little one that imaginary monsters may not be as frightening as they seem. 


“‘Sup?” Skeleton: Have your child look for light blue pieces of foam for this skeleton’s body, then use black curved shapes to fill out the bony features.

Use black circles to easily add an ominous touch to the skeleton's smile.

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