New Halloween Books for Every Age

These engaging new releases help kids of every age celebrate the spooky season, all while they grow their literacy skills and love of reading.
By Scholastic Parents Staff
Sep 09, 2022



New Halloween Books for Every Age

Sep 09, 2022

New releases spark excitement for all ages: Young kids will beg for extra readings of Halloween stories about friendly ghosts and magical witches, while older ones will tear through thrillers about eerie shadows in the woods and frightening zombies.

Books are an easy way to create a memorable Halloween season while promoting literacy skills. When kids are engaged in new books — say, a hot-off-the-press title about monsters or ghouls — they’re more likely to grow into lifelong readers.

For instance, First Broom is about a little witch learning how to use her brand new broom to fly high in the sky on Halloween night. Read aloud this sweet and silly rhyming story with beautiful illustrations with your little one!

Meanwhile, in The Glass Witch, Adelaide Good, the weakest witch born to her family, is on a mission to make her family proud by winning the Hollow Halloween pageant. However, she accidentally invokes a dangerous curse and wakes a 300-year-old witch hunter! Your growing reader will be hooked to find out whether Addie is able to break the curse and save her family trouble. 

Explore new releases for Halloween below! You can shop more Halloween titles at The Scholastic Store Online.

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