Friz TV

Test your science facts with everyone's favorite teacher, Ms. Frizzle, from Scholastic's The Magic School Bus.



Friz TV

Additional supplies you need:

  • crayons and/or markers (optional) 
  • paper 
  • pencil or pen

What to do:

  1. Go to the Friz TV Web site, located in the Kids Fun Online area of
  2. Click on the "Launch Friz TV" button to explore ancient Egypt. You can play the Factivity game to learn more about mummification, read an interview with an Egyptologist, and even find links to other Web sites.
  3. You can also watch Friz TV episodes about photosynthesis and dinosaurs. When you're finished exploring, close the browser window to return to this screen.
  4. Why not create your own trivia game, similar to Factivity? Research a science topic that interests you (such as volcanoes, space, spiders, and so forth). Can you come up with five questions to stump your friends? After you've decided on the questions, you can illustrate them, too.
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