Ross Burach’s Favorite STEAM Books for Kids

These books are perfect for kids who have a passion for discovering more about the world around them.
Nov 09, 2021



Ross Burach’s Favorite STEAM Books for Kids

Nov 09, 2021

Author and illustrator Ross Burach is an enthusiastic STEAM student. With many STEAM-related titles under his belt such as Hi-Five Farm, The Little Butterfly That Could, and Don’t Worry, Bee Happy, Burach’s goal is to share his love and interest in the subjects with his readers. 

“STEAM books are important because they instill readers with a sense of wonder and a desire to discover more about the world around them,” says Burach. “A seemingly small, interesting fact about the life of a shark might inspire a reader to dive deeper, eventually leading them to become the next great oceanographer!”

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In Burach’s newest book, Hi-Five Farm, children learn about opposites on a farm full of lovable animals that they can hi-five! 

“A lot of my picture books were inspired from researching interesting facts about animals and nature,” says Burach. “I try to find a parallel with what my readers experience, and create fun, silly characters they will relate to and learn from. For example, after I discovered how long it takes for caterpillars to metamorphosize, I knew I could write a relatable story about patience that kids could learn from while laughing along the way.”

In The Little Butterfly That Could, Burach illustrates the life and migration cycles of butterflies with humor and wit. Fun illustrations and facts also encourage children to spread their own wings and believe in themselves. 

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy introduces readers to Bumble and Bee, two little bees who love getting into mischief and pulling their reluctant friend Froggy along with them. 

In choosing more favorite STEAM books, Burach considered titles he’s read with his own children. “Some of these books teach through fun, fact-based illustrations, and others feature clever narratives about innovation, creative thinking, and perseverance,” says Burach. “All share important lessons for students to learn.”

Here are Ross Burach’s favorite STEAM books to share with the little explorer in your life. 

Princess Truly: I Can Build It!

In this charming third book in the Princess Truly series, Princess Truly rolls up her sleeves and invents a snack machine for her local animal shelter. 

Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada has always been curious! Together with her builder friend Iggy and inventor Rosie, this savvy scientist embarks on a journey of discovery full of scientific experiments.

The Magic School Bus Series

This beloved series teaches children everything about science via the fun, zany adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her class, from extreme weather to the solar system to the human body.

The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal

The sun is a star (literally and figuratively)! This fun book explains everything about the sun, from how it keeps us warm, to how old it really is (4.5 billion years) and much more.

The Dot

Peter H. Reynolds’ sweet picture book about the creative process will engage the little artist in your family and remind them that creativity sometimes needs a little push — even if it comes from painting a dot on a blank page.

Everything Awesome Series

These fun, fact-filled illustrated books provide curious readers with information about sharks, dinosaurs, and even deep space!

What If You Had... Series

If your child has ever been curious about what it would be like to have animal feathers, teeth, scales, or hair, these fun books make those hypothetical questions a reality!

Fly Guy Presents Series

For fans of Fly Guy, the Fly Guy Presents books teach readers about various fascinating subjects, like weather, weird animals, and more!

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