Summer Crafts for Kids

Colorful, classy, kid-friendly art projects that celebrate the season.

By Karen Brody, MA



Family Photo Coloring Book

Turn your favorite summer vacation snapshots and postcards into coloring books!

Butterfly Mobile Craft

These colorful butterflies made of wax paper bring delight to any nursery.

Go Fishing Craft

Bring the ocean indoors with this cute playdate game you make together.

DIY Tie-Dye Outfits

Little trendsetters can help you decorate T-shirts, pants, jumpers, and more with simple spotted patterns.

DIY Sandbox

Kids will dig this sandy activity box. Plus, it's perfect for small spaces!

Summer Bucket List Jar

Help your kids organize their time off with this DIY terrarium.

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Photo Credit: Yunhee Kim, Gretch Easter

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