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Dream! Make! Create!

Dream! Make! Create!

Your complete guide to exploring—and expanding!—your child’s imagination.


Covered with edible glitter and set in mini ice cream cones, these cake pops are pop-perfect party treats!
Get rock star ready with this decked out costume crate!
These picks will help your kid brush up on his do-re-mi.
Lights,! Kids star in music vids at this VIP event.
Check out our list of kid-friendly songs that adults love, too.


Science says that kids and music are a natural fit! We've gathered expert advice on making music education doable for any family.
Kids who perform gain skills that extend far beyond the standing ovation. And to that we say, Bravo!
Sharpen your child’s ears and brain with these musical games.
Unstructured play is a serious brain booster for growing minds. Try these genius ideas and watch your kids soar.
Imagine along with your child to instill important developmental skills.
Photography empowers kids by giving them new ways to express themselves.


Using supplies you already on hand these come together fast.
Let your child's personality shine with this fun craft.
Make a menagerie of animal puppets to fuel puppet playtime.
Make a mini play space starring your own family!
Turn old kitchen utensils into a perfect playtime toy.
Inspire your tot's playfulness with our homemade headgear.
You don’t have to spend a lot to be creative! Readers share the inexpensive, everyday items they keep in their kids' art supply boxes.
Keep kids busy and preserve your sanity. The new forecast? Fun ahead!
Explore science and art together with these crafty science experiments.
Traditionally made from dried cacti, this simple version makes the same sound.
These homemade instruments are just what you need to start your own family rock band!

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