Fun Halloween Trivia for Kids

Share fun facts about Halloween history with your kids before the spooky holiday!
By Elizabeth Callahan



Why do we dress up?
People used to believe that ghosts might visit the earth on this day, so some tricksters started to dress up as spirits to scare their unsuspecting neighbors!
Why is it on the 31st?
To honor saints and martyrs, the Catholic Church deemed November 1st All Saints Day in the eighth century. The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve. Say it quickly and you’ll see where the name Halloween came from!
Why do we carve jack-o-lanterns? 
In an old Irish legend, a man named Jack outsmarted the Devil but was forced to wander the afterlife with his way lit only by a carved turnip. Pumpkins later replaced them because they’re more common in the United States.
Where does trick-or-treating come from? 
In the 1930s, young boys often spent Halloween pranking local farmers. The farmers began bribing the boys and offering them a treat to save themselves from a trick.
Why are Halloween colors black and orange?
Halloween is often associated with black and orange. The black represents death or darkness, while the orange represents the colors of crops in the fall harvest.
Why are black cats and monsters Halloween symbols?
According to urban legends, if you cross paths with a black cat on Halloween, there is a witch nearby. Scary gargoyles were created by medieval stone carvers to ward off evil spirits.


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