Kids' Halloween Costume: Rain Cloud

This is one rain cloud you want on Halloween! This costume is easily made with a cardboard box and polyfill stuffing.

By Kelly Ladd Sanchez



Kids' Halloween Costume: Rain Cloud

Craft supplies you’ll need:

  • Cardboard box (approximately 2 ft x 2 ft)
  • White cloth ribbon (approximately 3 ft, cut evenly in two pieces)
  • White craft paint
  • White polyfill stuffing
  • Cardstock, yellow and blue
  • Scissors, knife, or box cutter
  • Hot-glue gun

Clothing you’ll need:

  • White dress or T-shirt/shorts
  • Rainbow tights or long socks
  • Sneakers

For the cloud:

1. Cut two identical cloud shapes from cardboard box. Paint white and dry completely.

2. Place cloud shapes side-by-side so top of clouds are back-to-back to one another. Make two slits the size of ribbon width on each cloud shape, 3 inches from top of the cloud and your child’s shoulder-width apart. Make sure slits are identical on each cloud.

3. Thread white ribbon, securing one cloud to the other, and fit comfortably to your child. Tie ribbon on each end to hold in place.

4. Hot-glue white polyfill stuffing to cloud shapes. Cut sun shape and raindrops from colored cardstock. Hot-glue raindrops to one side of front cloud on top of polyfill stuffing. Hot-glue sun to other side of front cloud.

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