What Your Child Should Know by Age 7

Find the answers in our age-by-age quick guide to child development.



What Your Child Should Know by Age 7

Many 7 year olds are collectors. Whether it’s trading cards, action figures, key chains, or their favorite book series, 2nd graders love to collect, sort and categorize. At 7, children love to apply logic and solve problems. Feed their love of learning with riddles, games, and books that allow them to explore their growing interest in the outside world.

Reading Development

  • May read independently
  • Can sound out unfamiliar words
  • Can figure out some words from context and picture
  • Can decode major sounds in a word
  • Has an increasing level of reading comprehension

Language Development

  • Uses recently learned words and phrases in conversation
  • Understands idioms and figures of speech
  • Know days, months, and seasons, and can tell time
  • Can use details and compare and contrast items

Physical Development

  • Has increasing hand-eye coordination
  • May be able to do a somersault.
  • Likes to do art projects and has the attention span to complete them

Emotional Development

  • Has a keen sense of justice . . . and particularly hates things that aren’t fair
  • May be a perfectionist (which can lead to self-criticism)
  • Is rule-oriented and can follow directions
  • Has increasing moral development, including a sense of right and wrong
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