Thanksgiving-Themed Games for the Whole Family

Enjoy playing DIY versions of Charades or Pictionary with your kids before or after the big meal!

By Jodie Rodriguez
Nov 21, 2017



Nov 21, 2017

The turkey is in the oven, the table is set, and now everyone must just wait. It's the perfect time to gather the family together and make the time pass with a few rounds of Thanksgiving Pictionary or Charades from this free printable. Try playing by the traditional rules or spice it up with some of the variations listed for each game before you're called to the dinner table for your scrumptious feast.

The best part is that these are print-and-play games — no fancy supplies needed!  Each of the games uses the same set of word and phrase cards provided. You will find that the cards vary in difficulty, making it appropriate for a variety of age levels. The organizer can simply print and cut out the word cards along the dotted lines.

Have your child read aloud the rules listed for each game. The variations offered can help to make the games extra challenging. Of course, your family can put their own spin on the rules or add additional word cards as well!

Also, don't miss the Parents' Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving, which includes book lists, crafts, printable activities, recipes, ways to teach your child about gratitude, and more!

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