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Parent Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving

Parent Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving

Use this collection of Thanksgiving book lists, activities, recipes, and more to teach your kids gratitude during this special holiday.

Book Lists To Teach Your Child Gratitude

Get in the giving spirit with these Thanksgiving books for first and second graders.
Expose your early readers to the many ways they can express gratitude with these sure-to-please titles.
Help your early readers explore the history, traditions, and culture of Native Americans.
Help your independent readers learn valuable lessons in gratitude with these fun titles. They'll thank you for the book suggestions!
With rich illustrations and moving messages, these books for 4- to 9-year-olds will teach giving and kindness without directly saying it.
Give your kids something more than turkey to dive into over Thanksgiving break.
Use these recommended reads to teach your kids about Thanksgiving.

Recipes for a Delicious Turkey Day

Cut your dinner cooking time by making this delicious roast turkey and turning the leftovers into two more quick, easy meals.
These pint-sized Thanksgiving desserts end the meal on a truly sweet note.
Five ways to serve up pumpkins for breakfast, dinner, and dessert.
Butternut squash is healthy, colorful, and sweet. The best part? It’s easy to sneak this autumn veggie into some of your kids’ favorite meals.
Nobody feels like eating Thanksgiving leftovers three days in a row. But your crew will gobble up these yummy reinventions!
These simple recipes use up your classic Thanksgiving leftovers in surprisingly delicious ways.
These dishes are special enough for a holiday meal, but still totally kid-approved.

Get Your Family in the Giving Spirit

Try this family writing activity this Thanksgiving.
Help bring the Thanksgiving season to life at home with these easy ideas.
Four old-fashioned games that Pilgrim and Wampanoag children entertained themselves with.
When you tune into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade this year with your kids, share these fun facts about the legendary event.
One in five cases of food-borne illness happens in the home. Don’t let germs crash your Thanksgiving table!

More Resources for Giving Thanks

Help teach your child the importance of being caring and compassionate with these ideas for making a difference.
These four easy writing activities will encourage an attitude of gratitude in your children this November—and all year long.
These titles will most certainly make your tween readers feel thankful for the little things.
Your child can make thank-you cards for special people in the neighborhood.
Teach your children the joys of caring, and show them the true meaning of the season.
Teach kids that what they say and do matters.
The winter holidays provide parents many opportunities to teach their children about values like giving and charity.

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