Top Books Teachers Recommend for Beginner Readers in PreK to 2nd Grade

These teacher-approved books will help your child build essential literacy skills and develop a lifelong love for reading.

Jun 30, 2022



Top Books Teachers Recommend for Beginner Readers in PreK to 2nd Grade

Jun 30, 2022

If your child is just learning how to read, choosing the right titles will spark their curiosity and love of books.

Teachers recommend a wide variety of books for kids in kindergarten to second grade. Their book picks for this age range tend to have three things in common: Engaging illustrations that give context clues, a manageable number of words for beginning readers, and the potential to start important conversations. These types of stories keep your child engaged and growing as a reader at home.

For the very earliest readers in kindergarten, teachers recommend you start with BOB Books sets. "These books are a lot of fun for this age group, and there are just a few words on each page," says Kathy Sahagian, a first-grade teacher in California.

In particular, Sahagian recommends BOB Books Set #1: Beginning Readers. With each book in the set, your child will not only learn new words and build essential reading skills, but they’ll also gain a sense of accomplishment when they finish an entire book all on their own. (Take a look at other preschool workbooks that can help sharpen your child's skills.) 

Kim Bollinger, a first-grade teacher in North Dakota, also recommends stories that not only engage your child while reading, but will spark important conversations once your child puts the book down. 

Though your beginner reader is starting to read independently, reading aloud to your child should still be a main component of your at-home learning routine and will help them develop fluency in their reading. “Listening to reading is great for beginning readers,” says Sahagian.

Get ready for your child to go back to school with our guide — it's full of recommended books (like this list of the best books for your home library), teacher tips, homework help, and more resources for a successful school year.

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