Edgy Halloween Books Preteens and Teens Will Love

These spine-chilling thrillers will captivate your advancing reader and keep them hooked on reading.
Sep 03, 2020



Edgy Halloween Books Preteens and Teens Will Love

Sep 03, 2020

This Halloween, your preteen or teen’s interests may be shifting from cute pumpkins and cat ears to spooky ghouls and monsters. During this time, they may also be taking on more advanced books with complex plots and themes in school. 

It’s a great opportunity to keep your growing reader engaged with literacy: After all, edgy Halloween books that tantalize preteens with mystery, suspense, and thrills are an easy way to keep them flipping pages. 

These captivating chapter books set the mood for a spooky season, and might even spark family conversations about legends or unsolved mysteries. For instance, The Shadowshaper Cypher #1: Shadowshaper is a fantasy fiction read that follows Sierra Santiago as she dives into her family’s mysterious past, shadowshaping (a magic that infuses ancestral spirits into paintings), and figuring out how a corpse crashed the first party of the season. 

Meanwhile, you may be well-familiar with the Goosebump series, a beloved classic that strikes the perfect balance between frightening and entertaining scenarios. In Classic Goosebumps #18: Return of the Mummy, Egyptian superstitions and mummies from the ancient pyramids come to life — a topic that will get your preteen engaged in both reading and history. 

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1: Season of the Witch follows the journey of a teenage witch as she navigates through all sorts of scenarios, from normal mortal life like hitting the movies with her boyfriend to the more obscure studies of magic and spells. And for a spooky read based on true events, True Hauntings #1: Deadly Disasters will help your child explore alleged hauntings from real-life catastrophes. 

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