Spine-tingling Goosebumps Books For Kids

Introduce your growing reader to Goosebumps, the beloved classic thriller series where kids triumph over evil.
Nov 18, 2022



Spine-tingling Goosebumps Books For Kids

Nov 18, 2022

R.L. Stine's popular Goosebumps series helped define the 90s for readers who still fondly recall the spooky tales. The very first book was published in 1992, and decades later, there are more than 30 books in the series, as well as two feature films and a television show inspired by the books.  

These thrillers are equal parts spooky and funny, with each book featuring captivating characters and twists and turns that your child will love reading as much as you did. Explore the classic titles in the series (like Classic Goosebumps #01: Night of the Living Dummy) and bond with your child during reading time with these beloved stories. Be sure to also take a look at other Goosebumps spin-off series, including Goosebumps: SlappyWorld and Goosebumps: Slappy Beware

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