Reading and Crafting: Cool Books for Crafty Kids

There are craft books for everyone this holiday season!

By Amy Mascott



Reading and Crafting: Cool Books for Crafty Kids

Whether you are looking for great gifts for the crafty kids in your life or whether you are looking for ways to fill the long hours of winter break, craft books are the way to go.

Not only do craft books get kids reading, but they also give young readers cool, "impress-their-friends" crafting skills.  Many books today include everything that you need to complete the craft—from start to finish. 

That means they're a huge win for parents.  

Check out some of our favorite, the cooler-than-cool books for crafty kids. Kids can make anything from paper flying dragons to pom pom dogs.  And I'm not even kidding. 

Capsters by Klutz

The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes by Doug Stillinger

Create Your Own Cool & Original Stuff by Karen Cooper

Loop Loom: Make Super-Stretchy Beaded Bracelets by Anne Akers Johnson

Klutz: Flying Paper Dragons by Pat Murphy and the Scientists of Klutz Labs

Klutz: Crazy LEGO Action Contraptions by Doug Stillinger

Pom Pom Puppies by April Chorba

Klutz: Nail Style Studio by Eva Steele-Staccio

Some helpful hints: 

  • Make a "date" with your child to read the book and complete the craft together;
  • Arrange for your child to have a few friends over after he/ she learns the craft so he/she can teach some friends;
  • Bring some completed crafts to holiday gatherings so the child can "show off" his or her new crafting skills!

How do you combine reading with crafting in your house? Are there craft books that have been particularly helpful for your family?  Let us know!

Please share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on Twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!

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