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Amy Mascott

A Reading Specialist and former high school English teacher, Amy Mascott is a Literacy Consultant, working with area schools to help train their Reading Teachers and design their Literacy Programs. She also tutors students, ranging from pre-K through grade 12, several evenings a week; she assesses students’ reading abilities, and she creates a goal-driven plan to help them meet with success in English and Reading.

She views her position as a stay-at-home mom with a strong background in education as an opportunity to help out her pals by sharing with them some of the “insider secrets” of teaching to use on their own children.

Hoping to create an easy way for parents to interact with the bloggers they read and for parents–and teachers–to share their super-cool ideas without going through the trouble of starting a blog, Amy developed we teach. A sort of ‘virtual teachers’ lounge’, we teach has grown quickly and steadily in a very short time, and is a place for everyone to learn, share, and grow.


by Amy Mascott
These true stories of real-life hardship will open your kids' eyes—and minds.
by Amy Mascott
Add a little July 4th reading to your child's Independence Day celebration!
by Amy Mascott
Summer is a great time to get your kids reading—and entertaining their friends!
by Amy Mascott
Encourage writing and reflection with this thank-you note template for your kids to fill out.
by Amy Mascott
Friends will have fun and love the easy-to-create nail art in this book.
by Amy Mascott
What every parent needs to look for in the books their children bring home to read.
by Amy Mascott
Before summer reading begins, parents need to know a few things about the books that they hand their kids.
by Amy Mascott
Hard to believe it, but getting started with summer reading early can have BIG payoffs!
by Amy Mascott
Teachers don't want coffee mugs or magnets. This is what they really, truly want and need.
by Amy Mascott
Brothers and Sisters Day is May 2nd – start reading to celebrate!


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