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Amy Mascott

A Reading Specialist and former high school English teacher, Amy Mascott is a Literacy Consultant, working with area schools to help train their Reading Teachers and design their Literacy Programs. She also tutors students, ranging from pre-K through grade 12, several evenings a week; she assesses students’ reading abilities, and she creates a goal-driven plan to help them meet with success in English and Reading.

She views her position as a stay-at-home mom with a strong background in education as an opportunity to help out her pals by sharing with them some of the “insider secrets” of teaching to use on their own children.

Hoping to create an easy way for parents to interact with the bloggers they read and for parents–and teachers–to share their super-cool ideas without going through the trouble of starting a blog, Amy developed we teach. A sort of ‘virtual teachers’ lounge’, we teach has grown quickly and steadily in a very short time, and is a place for everyone to learn, share, and grow.


by Amy Mascott
Books are a great bridge to conversation with your tween. Here are the three best times to talk to him or her.
by Amy Mascott
Here's a list of the best children's books of the year, and why you and your child will love them.
by Amy Mascott
Craft books today aren't even close to what they once were—most come with everything young crafters need from start to finish!
by Amy Mascott
Setting aside time for baking and memory-making can be made much sweeter when followed by some relevant, related reading.
by Amy Mascott
Giving back during this holiday season is empowering and exciting for kids. The time to start is now!
by Amy Mascott
Big lessons can be learned with wordless picture books.
by Amy Mascott
Kids can help in so many ways and learn along the way. Let's get the next generation involved this year!
by Amy Mascott
Books open the door to conversations with kids. Mix things up with some new post-reading questions.
by Amy Mascott
Compassion is demonstrated by brave characters, risk takers, and those who look out for others.
by Amy Mascott
Let your kids read about strong female detectives working to crack the case in these popular mystery series.


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