5 Perfect Pairings for Popular Series

With this guide, you won't have to guess which titles your child will love next.
Jun 30, 2020



5 Perfect Pairings for Popular Series

Jun 30, 2020

It feels like hitting the jackpot when your child finds a book or series that they love. But that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch to help them find their next must-read! Shop these popular read-alike series that are similar to your child's favorites. 

1. No, David! and Stinky Face

If your child likes the No, David! series, they’ll love the Stinky Face series.

The main characters of these two preschool book series have something in common: They’re very curious! For David, this comes in the form of hilarious mischief. For Stinky Face, it's with questions galore! But with both series, your little ones will like seeing the sweet interactions between the main characters and their loving parents. 

2. Fly Guy & Who Would Win

If your child likes the Fly Guy series, they’ll love the Who Would Win? series.

For newly independent readers who are interested in facts and "true stories," these series will both be captivating. The Fly Guy Presents books are part of the larger Fly Guy series, and teach kids exciting facts about everything from recycling to space. Meanwhile, the Who Would Win? series reveals which animals — say, a whale vs. a giant squid or a tarantula vs. a scorpion — would win in a showdown. 

3. The Baby-Sitters Club & Sunny Graphix 

If your child likes the Baby-Sitters Club Graphix series, they'll love the Sunny Graphix series.

Both of these graphic novel series touch on the everyday challenges and triumphs middle graders and tweens experience — and will inspire them with relatable characters and engaging plots!

The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix series is a remake of the classic series you loved as a kid, and follows the adventures of friends who start their own business (and deal with everything from cranky toddlers to scary neighbors along the way). Meanwhile, the Sunny Graphix books are about a girl who's trying to find her groove in middle school, all while staying true to herself. 

4. Dog Man & The Bad Guys

If your child likes the Dog Man series, they'll love The Bad Guys series.

For the kid obsessed with saving the day, these graphic novel series follow the shenanigans of unexpected heroes. The hilarious Dog Man series follows the adventures of a howlin' brave hero who is half dog and half man! Meanwhile, a group of bad guys (who are really trying to be good guys) must pull together to defeat villainous forces in The Bad Guys series. 

5. Amulet & Wings of Fire

If your child likes Amulet, they’ll love the Wings of Fire series. 

For fantasy lovers hooked by the intricate world of Amulet, the same will be true with Wings of Fire, a series about warring dragon tribes, a prophecy, and young dragonets who are surprisingly relatable to middle-grade readers. 

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