Prankster Magic: Reading Magic Tricks

Coin tricks, card magic, and pranks? My kids will take it!

By Amy Mascott
Jun 15, 2015



Prankster Magic: Reading Magic Tricks

Jun 15, 2015

Are your kids interested in learning how to palm a coin?

Would they like to become a master at card tricks?

Can you envision your children entertaining their pals at summer camp with card trick after card trick?

Do your kids want to learn how to shuffle cards—to create the infamous "bridge"—to wow their friends?

Would your child love to become a "mind reader" or to trick his sister into thinking he can bend his metal fork?

Does your daughter try everything in her power to surprise or startle her sister with pranks?

We had a chance to check out a book recently that had all three of my kids—11, 9, and 8 years old—vying for control.  It's called Prankster Magic: Coin Tricks, Card Tricks, and Other Forms of Fakery, by the editors of Klutz. It is filled with pranks and magic tricks, and even though it's pretty silly, it got my kids reading.

Check out one trick we learned called The Elbow Drop:


And any way that we can get our kids to read is a win in my book.

For young kids and older kids alike, magic, prank, joke, and trick books are a great way to get them interested in reading, especially during the long summer months.  Try bringing home some joke books from the library, or pick up that magic trick book you find at a local yard sale. Why not?

Reading and entertaining? I'll take it.  And you might be surprised at how interested your kids are in reading when magic is on the other end!

Check out some other fun similar titles:
•    Prankster Magic: Coin Tricks, Card Tricks, and Other Forms of Fakery by the editors of Klutz
•    Math Tricks, Puzzles, and Games by Raymond Blum
•    Experiments With Magic by Salvatore Tocci
•    Super Science Magic by Sandra Markle

What other books get your kids interested in reading like this one?  Share your thoughts with us on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on Twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!

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fyi: Amy Mascott was given Prankster Magic: Coin Tricks, Card Tricks, and Other Forms of Fakery to read and try with her children. It was a hit. All opinions belong solely to Amy Mascott and are influenced only by her experience as a parent and educator, and her little magicians and pranksters.

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