Meet New Friends Bingo Game

Soothe your child's new-school-year nerves with this fun activity.

By Amy Mascott
Aug 17, 2015



Aug 17, 2015

While some kids are great at meeting new people, others need more of a reason to make that kind of connection with peers.  Many of us need a little push in order to say "hello" to someone we don't really know, so we came up with Meet New Friends Bingo. 

The game is simple. 

But in the end, we think that kids will make all kinds of new pals just by playing this game.

If your children are reading, then make copies of this bingo board and give each child a crayon.  Bring the boards to a park play date before school begins, and let them at it. (Click here or the image below to download the card):

If you've got little ones who are not yet reading, this is a great game to play alongside of them. And who knows? Maybe you'll meet some new friends, too!

There are a number of ways to win. Just decide on one before the game begins!


Having the winner be the first person to get five in a row;

Having the winner be the first to cover each corner;

Having the winner be the first to cover the entire board!

Whatever you choose, everyone's a winner because everyone meets new friends!

What ways do you help your child to meet new friends? We'd love to know! Share your ideas, tips, and tricks on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on Twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!

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