Heading Out on Vacation? Here Are the Boxed Book Sets You Need

They’ll keep your kids captivated while you're traveling and relaxing on your trip.
By Ashley Austrew
Jun 19, 2019



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Jun 19, 2019

Your family is heading off to your parents' place for the weekend, or you found a great beach to hang out at over a long weekend. You’ve been waiting for this trip forever, and it’ll be fun. But you know what’s not? Having bored kids on the way there (or during downtime on your one week off). Trust me — as a mom, I know.

If you take a book with, they may tear through it within an hour or two, especially if you have voracious readers on your hands. That’s why I love book sets that can be packed for trips. Not only will a collection of books and characters my kids love keep them captivated for the entire trip, but it can even sharpen their reading skills while they’re relaxing by the hotel pool.

Studies have shown that children of all ages tend to lose some of their hard-earned knowledge over summer break, and one of the best ways to combat this “summer slide” is by reading. Kids don’t have to fly through flashcards or read complex nonfiction books to keep the learning faucet flowing. All they need to do is get interested in stories they love, and they’ll brush up on those literacy skills without even realizing it.

From classics, like Clifford and Junie B. Jones, to newer favorites, like Dog Man and The Owl Diaries, these book sets are a great deal and will get your kids excited about reading all summer long, no matter where in the world you might be. You'll find a wide range of value boxed sets below — plus a few bonus bundles that don't come in a box, but also keep kids totally glued to the pages. 

Pick Out the Book Sets Your Kid Would Dive Into!

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