Establish a Magical and Budget-Friendly Holiday Reading Routine

These heartwarming read-aloud stories will delight your young reader!

Oct 25, 2023



Establish a Magical and Budget-Friendly Holiday Reading Routine

Oct 25, 2023

Amidst all the concerts, entertaining, and gift giving that the holidays can bring, most of the time, it's nice to skip right to the good part — being at home for quite moments of holiday magic with the people you love. This season is truly the perfect time to bond with your child over good books and create those precious memories. 

To help make that even easier this year, we've curated hilarious and heartwarming holiday-themed books that capture the essence of this cozy season. From stories about joy and togetherness to books about the holidays and winter, these titles will evoke feelings of warmth, love, and happiness — and teach kids about the true meaning of the holidays. 

Below is a week-by-week reading schedule handpicked by our Scholastic editors that your family can follow. Get ready to snuggle up with a book every night of the week for four merry weeks. The bonus is that each book is under $10, making them budget-friendly and perfect for stocking stuffers, too. 

Let the invitations pile up, and enjoy every magical moment together this season. 

Books About Joy

There can be so much joy for little kids during the holiday season, and that's perfectly encapsulated in this collection of books about the importance of maintaining friendships and enjoying happy moments. For instance, Zen Happiness is a sweet picture book packed with inspiring and affirmational sayings sure to spark joy and spread cheer. Your growing reader will enjoy these heartwarming stories and develop a love for reading.



Books About Togetherness

Holidays are made special by being together with your loved ones. Explore the power of community with these titles about togetherness. Daddy and Me and the Rhyme to Be is a heartfelt story that explores the special bond between a father and daughter who share a love for music. 

Ask your child questions about the relationships they are most grateful for in their life. These books about togetherness are the perfect opportunity to spark a conversation about friendship and family



Books About the Holidays

The winter season is filled with special holidays, including Hanukkah and Christmas. Through books, you can teach your kid about different cultural traditions and festivities that take place during this time period.

Peppa Pig: Happy Hanukkah is a picture book about how Hanukkah is celebrated. Your reader will get to learn all about playing dreidel, lighting a menorah, and enjoying delicious foods like latkes (fried potato pancakes)! 

There’s also Santa Shark, A Great White Christmas, a fin-tastic seasonal story packed with laugh-out-loud humor, puns galore, and tons of holiday spirit as Edgar, a goofy young shark, prepares for the arrival of Santa Shark. 


Holiday Stories

Books About Winter

These five winter wonderful books are all related to snow and fun seasonal activities to do during this chilly time of year.

In Pug's Snow Day, school is closed because of a snowstorm. However, Bub is not looking forward to dealing with the slippery ice, the freezing cold, and all that wet snow. Your child will learn how Bub gets over his fear of snow and makes the most of his situation. Great for snow days — you can snuggle up with your kid over a cup of hot chocolate while reading this charming book.


Make this holiday season memorable by adding these captivating and affordable books to your home library. Your child will cherish this holiday reading routine and develop a deeper love for books. 

Shop the winter holiday reading routine collection below now! You can find all books and activities at The Scholastic Store.

Winter Wonderland

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