6 Reasons You’ll Love 'The Wonky Donkey' Sequel Just as Much as the Original

Alert: The Scottish Granny is back, and this time, she’s reading "The Dinky Donkey."
By Kelsey Kloss
Oct 17, 2019



6 Reasons You’ll Love 'The Wonky Donkey' Sequel Just as Much as the Original

Oct 17, 2019

When you experience a phenomenon like The Wonky Donkey, it can be difficult to match its charm with a sequel. But somehow, some way, The Dinky Donkey — the tailed tale of the Wonky Donkey’s daughter — pulls it off.

I’ll admit, I couldn’t stop laughing when I first watched the viral video of a Scottish Granny reading the The Wonky Donkey to her grandson. Sometimes I still pull it up when I need a cheerful pick-me-up. Luckily, the Scottish Granny has brightened the day for us once again with a fabulous reading of the new sequel: The Dinky Donkey! Check out this video of her reading the book to her grandson (I promise it'll make you smile!): 

Pretty great, right? But beyond this brilliant reading, here are six more reasons I loved the book, and why I think you will too. Order the sequel now to bring more fun to your nightly story time!

1.  It’ll make you and your little ones laugh. C’mon, there’s enough to be straight-faced about. That’s why I love books that can help you and your child shake off a stressful day, giggle together, and fall asleep with a smile. I challenge you to say this sentence without grinning: “She was a blinky pinky winky-tinky funky dinky donkey.”

2.  It employs rhyming and repetition. As you know, those are major building blocks of your child's reading skills. This book will boost both your child’s reading abilities and language development, which is a pretty sweet deal to get from a pair of donkeys.

3. The Dinky Donkey is a girl who breaks stereotypes. This donkey isn’t all prim and proper — and I like that, because nobody is perfect, and no character should be expected to be. This story isn’t afraid to show and embrace a little girl donkey who can be stinky, punky, and also inky pinky when she messily paints her hooves pink using her dad’s tail (Dinky Donkey, we admire you for that resourcefulness).

4. Its illustrations are gorgeous. Really! Not just kind of pretty, but stare-at-the-page-in-awe beautiful. Did you know that the illustrator of this book created the artwork for The Wonky Donkey in a converted stable? Talk about true inspiration! The soft watercolor paintings blend colors delicately and evoke a special sense of gentleness in the wildly wonky read. The portrait of the Dinky Donkey hugging her dad on the last page is extra sweet. 

5. The book can be sung, too. Sheeeee was a… very catchy song! You can find the tune on YouTube to get the gist. Not only will your little one love it, but music can actually help children better retain words and expressions, helping their language skills skyrocket. 

6. It’ll help us all be as awesome as the Scottish Granny. She's a role model! And if she loves this book, I know you will too. 

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