10 Perfectly Lovely Book Gifts for Grandma on Mother's Day

Give your kids the opportunity to bond with their grandmother with these heartwarming reads that celebrate how special she is.
By Christie Burnett and Shari Kaplan
Apr 19, 2019



Grandma and grandchildren reading book together
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Apr 19, 2019

Celebrate Grandma this Mother's Day by giving her priceless bonding time with her grandchildren! A handpicked, touching picture book about a grandmother like her is a beautiful way to have your kids and their grandmother experience memorable time together with extra-special read-aloud time. These books will captivate your child and tug at Grandma's heartstrings (or make her laugh) for a wonderful holiday.

If Grandma is far away, buy two copies of the book and host a virtual read aloud over video chat! You can even have your child fill out this sweet printable letter for Grandma and tuck it into a book for her. 

1. In Grandma's Arms by Karen Katz and Jayce C. Shelton

This endearing board book takes your child on an epic journey, proving that anything is possible with Grandma by his side! The tender bedtime tale is written lovingly in rhyme, with imaginative illustrations that transport readers around the world — from the desert to the stars and all the way back to Grandma's loving arms. Whether your child is reading with Grandma in person or over FaceTime, this book is a special opportunity for them to go on a sweet adventure together. 

2. Grandma Loves You Because You're You by Liza Baker

A delightful sequel to the family favorite I Love You Because You're You, this is a sublime pick for story time that celebrates the bond between Grandma and your child. Back again is Little Fox who spends the day with Grandma baking cookies, flipping through photo albums, and singing songs. There's an assuring message of unconditional love in this sweet, soothing, and rhyming tale designed to be shared. 

3. Scholastic Reader Level 1: Please Write Back! by Jennifer E. Morris

Perfect for Grandmas with grandkiddies just learning to read or who live far away, this vibrantly illustrated book features large, simple font; just a few words per page; and easy-to-pronounce words — giving little readers the perfect opportunity to show off their independent reading skills to Grandma. The tale of Alfie, an adorable alligator who writes a letter to Grandma all by himself and eagerly awaits her response, helps teach kids about the process of writing and mailing letters (and may even inspire them to start writing letters to Grandma, much to her delight!). 

4. The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco

A heartwarming ode to family tradition, this is the story of the author-illustrator's journey to America from Russia as a young girl, and the quilt that was passed down through many generations of her family for almost a century. The quilt was used as a Sabbath tablecloth, a wedding canopy, and a blanket to welcome new children into the family. This book can be a springboard for Grandma to share her own special traditions and pieces of family history. She'll likely be excited to tell your child about them, and after reading this book, your little one will be especially eager to listen! 

5. The Granddaughter Necklace by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Beautiful, emotive illustrations tell the matrilineal African American ancestry in this historical fiction book, which is especially fitting for a grandmother and her granddaughter. In this touching tale, a treasured family heirloom in the form of a precious but well-worn necklace brings ancestry to life, as it is passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. The glittering necklace honors the women who came before and their incredible stories. 

6. Mango, Abuela & Me by Meg Medina

This award-winning picture book tells the story of Mia, whose Spanish-speaking grandmother comes to live with her family in their small city apartment in the United States. Mia helps Abuela learn English, and Mia learns some Spanish too — and with the help of a parrot named Mango, they learn to communicate a language of love and break down cultural barriers. The book sheds light on multigenerational families who have far-away grandparents, and teaches children just how much they can learn from their loved ones.   

7. Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola

Strega Nona is a grandma with a magical pasta pot that is always full! However, when she asks Big Anthony look after her house and garden one day, he breaks the rules and tries to show off the pot to the townspeople. When this leads to disastrous results — the pasta overflows and engulfs the town! — Strega Nona returns and hands him a fork. This old tale will bring a chuckle to any generation, and shows just how important it is to listen to Grandma's rules.

8. How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Reagan

Your little reader will have a blast reading this with her grandma, because in this book, she's in charge! Filled with sweet tips on how to watch over Grandma (remember, she might like to go to the park, bake snickerdoodles, or read stacks of books!), this read celebrates the precious one-on-one time children spend with their gradmothers. It may even give your child and Grandma new activity ideas for the next time they spend the day together! 

9. Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol

Is your child's grandmother a master knitter with a sense of humor? Tickle her and your child's funny bones with this goofy tale about a grumpy grandma who just wants to knit warm sweaters for her many grandchildren, but must go on a grand voyage to find a little peace and quiet. Along the way, she encounters ravenous bears, obnoxious goats, and even hoards of aliens — but nothing will stop Grandma from accomplishing her goal!

10. The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster

In this Caldecott-winning book, a happy little girl describes how she spends time with her grandparents while her parents are working. With dreamy illustrations evocative of a child’s drawings, she explains her time with Nanna and Poppy and the “Hello, Goodbye Window,” where she greets and says goodbye to her grandparents. It'll likely remind your little reader and Grandma of their own special hello and goodbye rituals! 

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