Adorable First Day of Kindergarten Books

Help kids look ahead with confidence by diving into these fun, relatable books about the joys of kindergarten.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Aug 16, 2023



Adorable First Day of Kindergarten Books

Aug 16, 2023

Kindergarten may seem a bit scary and new to your little one, especially if they're walking into a new school. With the help of fun, accessible stories that highlight the joys of their first big school experience, you can help ease your reader's concerns. These books will get your child excited for what's to come.

In Clifford Goes to Kindergarten, it's Emily Elizabeth's first day of kindergarten — and she can't help but feel nervous. Thankfully, her teacher gives students permission to bring something from home to make the day easier (but she didn't expect Emily to bring something quite as big as Clifford!).

Find more expert-approved kindergarten books, tips, and resources at our guide to getting ready for kindergarten. From phonics to friendship to family read-alouds about feelings, we've gathered all the guidance you need to make this year great for the whole family. It's a big milestone that flies by — you'll want to peek at these kindergarten graduation read-aloud books to celebrate all the growth and progress ahead. 

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