Beyond the Magic Tree House: Who Is Mary Pope Osborne?

Help your children or students to feel connected to this author.

By Amy Mascott
Jun 16, 2014



Jun 16, 2014

When readers get hooked on a series, they want to devour anything and everything they can in the collection.  And after they "conquer" the series, they move on to other books by a particular author. 

Most times, kids don't take the time to actually learn about an author or find out the "why" behind a series unless they're doing an assignment for school.  As a lifetime reader and writer, I have always wanted to learn about authors, and I've found that the more I learn about their lives and motivations for writing, the more I appreciate their work. 


So we're starting a mini-series this summer over here, a "get to know the authors" series.  I'm hoping that it helps to give parents that extra push they need to support their kids' enjoyment of reading and help their children get to know the authors they are growing to love. 


The posts will include links to sites, resources, and pages about the author and we've even got a little sheet for kids that you can print out and have them complete during their "author hunt."  Download the sheet here.


Without further ado . . . 


Beyond The Magic Tree House: Who is Mary Pope Osborne? 

Born: May 20, 1949 in Fort Sill, OK

Current home: US

Some of her books: 


Fun facts about Mary Pope Osborne: (use 'em to wow your kids)

  • She lived in Austria as a child, across from an ancient castle. 
  • When she lived in Virginia, her home was surrounded by a moat. 
  • As a teenager, she spent all of her free time at the local community theater.
  • She met her husband in New York City and believes she is a "professional daydreamer" as an author of children's books. 
  • Her ideas stem from personal experiences, imagination, and research and old stories. 
  • She does not have her own children, but she does include family members in her books!


Interview with Mary Pope Osborne:


Official author website:


Official author Twitter page: 


Official Facebook page:


Other cool sites worth checking out:

Kate and the Beanstalk author talk


Happy reading and learning about Mary Pope Osborne!


How do you get your children or students to feel connected to the authors they read? 


Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page, or find Amy on Twitter, @teachmama, and let's continue the conversation!



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