Best Children's Book Series for the Avid Book Reader

Keep your child’s reading momentum strong with these teacher-approved series.

May 26, 2022



Best Children's Book Series for the Avid Book Reader

May 26, 2022

It’s a good “problem” to have: Your child loves reading, and flies through books in the blink of an eye. For avid and advanced readers, teachers recommend certain series that maintain a child’s love of reading while simultaneously building their skills.

With the right series, you’ll not only keep your child’s reading momentum strong, but you’ll also always have another book on deck for them.

What to Look for in Books for Avid Readers

Elizabeth Smith, a fifth-grade teacher in Washington, recommends choosing series where characters experience the same things real people do – in new, vivid settings. “A well-built world or setting lets the reader feel as if they have traveled to that place,” says Smith. This will hold your child's interest as they move through the series. 

Smith suggests looking for series with detailed writing (this is a good way to strengthen your child’s visualization skills, an important part of reading comprehension!) — think, for instance, the intricate world of Harry Potter

Graphic novel series are also a great choice for your avid reader because they help build new reading skills. 

“Kids see the setting and characters differently in graphic novels,” says Smith. “Instead of looking for literary clues for setting, characteristics, and actions, they are looking for visual clues. Regular novels and graphic novels are two halves to a beautiful whole.” 

The Best Book Series for Avid Readers

There are several series teachers recommend for kids who fly through books, including these top picks: 

  • The Hunger Games will keep your avid and advanced reader glued to the pages, says Kayla Briseño, a middle school English teacher in Texas. This series allows your child to join Katniss Everdeen as she faces the cruel Capitol of Panem and makes life-or-death choices to save her family. 
  • I Survived is an epic collection of historical fiction for kids in second grade and up that breathes new life into some of the world’s most famous and tragic events. “I think they are great introductions to real history,” says Smith. “The plots and characters are realistic and interesting.” 
  • The Witch Boy series is also a top pick on Smith’s list: This graphic novel series shares the story of Aster, a young boy destined to become a shapeshifter, even though his heart has been captured by something that’s forbidden — witchery.  “I was drawn into the story right away, and felt Aster's heartache about being different and wanting things that he can't have,” says Smith. “I loved the beautiful pictures and the portrayal of this loving family.”
  • The Raina Telgemeier graphic novel collection features stories kids can relate to involving sibling rivalry, new friendships, clunky braces, and more. “I think these books really reach out to kids and deal with things that matter to them,” says Smith. “They can start important conversations about growing up and accepting others – and yourself.”

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For more tips on finding books at the right level for your child, visit our guide on reading levels for kids. It's full of insights and recommendations, including advanced reading tips, additional teacher-recommended books, an advanced reading book list, and much more! 

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