The Best Book Sets of 2020 So Far

These new value packs will strengthen your child's reading skills and keep them engaged with books.
Jul 23, 2020



The Best Book Sets of 2020 So Far

Jul 23, 2020

Whether you want your child to top off summer with reading, or you're stocking up on ways to keep them engaged throughout the school year ahead, book sets always come in handy. That's because with every book in a set, your child becomes more invested in diving into the next – picking up valuable background knowledge, understanding of plot and awareness of character development that improve reading comprehension skills along the way. 

If your child is flying through the book sets you already have, update your bookshelf with the best new book sets of 2020 (so far!). You'll find Upside Down Magic Paperback Boxed Set (Books #1-5), which follows the misadventures of the Dunwiddle Magic School's Upside-Down Magic class, where magic is amazing, unpredictable, and out of control! The television film "Upside Down Magic" premiers on Disney Channel July 31, so your child may be particularly excited to read along with this book set. 

There are also new learning resources that set a strong foundation for reading success, like the Guided Reading Level A Value Set, which offers a wide variety of incredible storybooks designed to teach kids ages 4 to 6 how to read. And of course, you'll also spot favorite characters in book sets like Diary of an Ice Princess Value Pack (3 Books) and Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy Hardcover Collection (Pack of 14).

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