50 Must-Read Picture Books for Summer

Share these colorful stories with your little ones to keep them reading all summer long.

Jun 10, 2024



50 Must-Read Picture Books for Summer

Jun 10, 2024

During the summertime, keeping your child on a reading routine and encouraging them to practice important reading skills outside of the classroom can be challenging. However, with the right book reading can be a delightful experience for you and your growing reader. With 50 fun titles on this list ranging from the great outdoors to social-emotional topics — there is something for the whole family! 

Explore more amazing books to read together for quality family time this summer. 

Reading aloud can strengthen literacy skills, increase comprehension, and create fun memories. If you have a pool day planned, be sure to check out When You Can Swim — a wonderful and poetic book about what it truly means to swim.

There's also I Am My Ancestors' Wildest Dreams, an affirmational story for kids about discovering their place in the world and unlocking their potential. Plus, this inspiring picture book is great for sparking conversations with your child about their passions and aspirations. 

Some titles will provoke hysterical laughter, while others will encourage some serious thinking. Explore these popular picture books with your older children and younger children alike, having your independent reader read to younger siblings or re-read old favorites with fresh eyes. These books offer readers of all levels a chance to hone their skills, especially comprehension and expressive language.

Plus, check out this collection of new and classic read-aloud books the whole family will love.

Below is our list of 50 must-read picture books perfect to fill up long summer days. What's more, check out the Scholastic Summer Reading page to get more inspiration about how to create fun reading experiences for your child! 

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